Terms & Conditions for User Registration
Terms and Conditions Terms of membership

3d leisure at home is a service operated by 3d leisure and located online. The service will be administered by 3d leisure.  

It is the aim of 3d leisure at home is to provide a pleasurable part of your leisure time.  To that end we have put together, some simple “terms of membership” which we hope will ensure all members are able to enjoy the service safely and without being inconvenienced.

Everyone should have read and agreed to the PHS before taking part in and of the live classes

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Any offensive comments left on the closed group or Live classes will lead to instant dismissal from the group and reporting to Facebook.

1.    Once you have joined you will be provided with access to our closed Facebook group to enable you access to our classes

Health & Safety
1.    Ensure that you are in good health prior to taking part in any classes. If you have any injuries or medical conditions, please consult a medical practitioner before exercising. 
2.    Make sure that you have enough space to take part in the exercise required.
3.    Always have water with you throughout the class.
4.    Always exercise in the appropriate sportswear.
5.    Always train within your limits, if at any point you need to stop to have a rest, please do so and then continue when you are ready.
6.    If at any point you start to feel dizzy, sick or ill in any way please stop, monitor the feeling and take appropriate actions.
7.    Always follow the instructions given to you by the instructors, if you have any questions you can comment after the class or contact us on via the messaging function

1.    Children are able to join in on the family classes but only under parent/guardian supervision.
2.    The parent/guardian must take full responsibility of the child.

1.    The management reserves the right to reject any application for membership without giving a reason.
2.    The fees and tariffs shall be determined by 3d Leisure and may be altered at any time.  Members will be notified in advance of any changes. 
3.    3d Leisure reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member without notice in the event of a member committing a serious breach of the terms of membership.
4.    On cancellation or termination of membership, no refund will be made.
5.    All members who wish to cancel their membership must do so in writing giving 1 months’ notice.
6.    The club reserves the right to amend these terms at its absolute discretion.  

Data Protection Act
1.    We take the privacy of our members seriously. The privacy policy attached to the online joining platform explains the ways in which we use your personal information. 
2.    If you have any queries with regard to our processing please contact us 
3.    We collect personal information from you through the online joining process
4.    We use your personal information for the purpose of providing and personalising our membership services and providing you with information about products and services offered by us.